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Select one of these logos for our Association








Some questions to help you evaluate the logo:


  • Colors: They can be full color, but also black and white (Should we have both? Full color logo and/or black and white logo), If it is full color: do you think the combination of colors is all right? Or should it have just one color (purple/blue/green)?
  • Is it unique? Can it be confused to other logos?
  • Is the image clear enough? (Sharp? Image resolution)
  • Is it over the top? Or is a simple logo in its design?
  • Is the imagery too complex?


I would add this other question:


  • Does it represent the essence of our association?


Vote for your favorite logo at: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/avealmec/polls



I like the design, but I would like a simpler font for the name, something like this:


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